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“The arts play an important role in helping children to understand and shape their world, to explain their lives and circumstances and guide them through an exploration of solutions.”


Andrew Milner – cultural theorist and literary critic

Barking Gecko Theatre is Western Australia’s locally cherished, nationally significant company that creates and tours world-class theatre for children and families.

From our home in Perth, we create shows that celebrate children’s unique world-view, curate education programs for metropolitan and regional school children and provide social outreach programs by sharing the gift of theatre.

Philanthropy plays a leading role in our company story. It is only with the support of individuals that we are able to create exciting, new work for young audiences, traverse the globe and dream big for the future.

People who give to Barking Gecko Theatre are welcomed into our family, enjoying a close and rewarding association with our company and our artists. Barking Gecko Theatre Company Limited has DGR status and all donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Please join us and discover how you can help to secure the long-term future of Barking Gecko Theatre.

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