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“The arts play an important role in helping children to understand and shape their world, to explain their lives and circumstances and guide them through an exploration of solutions.”


Andrew Milner – cultural theorist and literary critic

Barking Gecko Theatre is Western Australia’s locally cherished, nationally significant company that creates and tours world-class theatre for children and families.

From our home in Perth, we create shows that celebrate children’s unique world-view, curate education programs for metropolitan and regional school children and provide social outreach programs by sharing the gift of theatre.

Philanthropy plays a leading role in our company story. It is only with the support of individuals that we are able to create exciting, new work for young audiences, traverse the globe and dream big for the future.

People who give to Barking Gecko Theatre are welcomed into our family, enjoying a close and rewarding association with our company and our artists. Barking Gecko Theatre Company Limited has DGR status and all donations over $2 are tax deductable.

Please join us and discover how you can help to secure the long-term future of Barking Gecko Theatre.


From our home in Perth, we create shows that celebrate children’s unique world-view and expansive imaginations. Barking Gecko’s shows bring together the finest artists to share unique stories that inspire curiosity, empathy and play.
Over the past 30 years the company has delivered over 100 original Western Australian productions, toured 12 countries, reached almost 1 million children and won 5 National Helpmann Awards.

Some of our recent shows include:

  • My Robot
  • Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories
  • In A Dark Dark Wood
  • Storm Boy
  • The Rabbits


“Thank you so much for the tickets to the play My Robot. It was an excellent opportunity for students at Beckenham as many have never experienced this before.”


Year 5 teacher, Beckenham Primary School

Give the gift of theatre to a child who wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit the State Theatre Centre of WA. Access to theatre can be life-changing and all young people should have the chance to experience this opportunity. 



Donating to Pass It On will be giving the gift of theatre to a child who wouldn’t otherwise be able to visit us.

  • $25 will buy a ticket for one child to see one of our shows.
  • $750 will pay for a whole class
  • $2250 will pay for 100 students
  • $5000 will pay for 200 students


“I feel happy, I just do”


Gecko Ensemble Member

Our Gecko Ensembles are a state-wide program of weekly drama workshops that engage, inspire and enrich student’s imagination whilst developing their confidence, creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills.


The Gecko Ensemble program supports social, educational and creative development in children aged 5 – 18 years whilst adding to the quality of life for WA families in metro and regional WA.   The program has been developed through consultation with each community, local outreach programs and venues allowing it to adapt and accommodate the specific requirements and resources of individual communities and the local Teaching Artists.


Presented as weekly drama classes, lead by locally employed Teaching Artists who use drama to promote empathy, self-esteem, self-confidence and communication skills. This is an energetic and exciting program that creates a fun and supportive environment where young people from all backgrounds are encouraged to take creative risks and explore the full extent of their expressive potential.


The program also helps create a sense of connection and belonging, within each community, to a group of like-minded children and role models. It helps build courage and empowers local children to successfully collaborate, in a creative way, and tap into the unique strengths and characteristics of their own community.


“This is children’s theatre at its best”


Seesaw Magazine

Ensuring Barking Gecko’s productions reach children regardless of where they live, from remote communities to bustling cities. Touring activates WA’s regional communities and proudly showcases WA’s creative capacity to the world.

Barking Gecko Theatre premieres one or two new productions annually and tours these shows around the state, the country and overseas encouraging cross-cultural conversations and providing long term employment contracts for our local artists.

Children in Perth or Karratha or Albany experience the same award winning productions that also tour to the Sydney Opera House and beyond.


  • Outer metropolitan
  • State-wide
  • National
  • International



“Living Lectures Macbeth was a turning point for my Year 10 class. AS the emotional and psychological landscape of the paly opened before them, they were inspired and excite to dig into this masterful piece…”




Enable us to respond to particular school or local community’s need as we co-design bespoke creative learning projects that support children from a wide range of backgrounds, ages and abilities. Our programs develop children’s resilience, literacy skills and social well-being.





Examples of recent Creative Learning programs include


  • Living Lectures – Shakespeare series
  • School Drama™ – partnership with Sydney Theatre Company
  • Partnership with Save The Children – supporting children in Armadale and Kununurra
  • Banksia Hill Detention Centre
  • Literacy Program in the Peel region


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