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We hope you enjoyed watching this clip – a small sample of what has been achieved through the support of many.

To ensure our future, at least 30% of Barking Gecko’s annual income must be generated through the support of visionary companies and individuals. Financial investment in Barking Gecko’s theatre productions and ensemble program ensure we continue to engage and uplift 35,000+ children and young adults annually.

Barking Gecko Theatre Company expands imaginations, develops empathy and lays the foundations for a life-long engagement with the performing arts.

Please join us. The greater the investment, the more children benefit.

By supporting Barking Gecko Theatre Company:

  • You can help us reach over 35,000 people a year, whilst employing over 50 artists.
  • You get us on the road to regional centres and rural schools.
  • You build confidence, communication skills, tolerance and empathy in children and young adults.
  • You support our partnerships with child support organisations to provide access for children in difficult circumstances.
  • You nurture audiences for the arts, today and in the future.

Every donation is precious.

You can make a difference today. Make a donation right now!

To find our what opportunities are available to you, your family or your company, please contact our Development Manager on (08) 6212 9399 or via email