Barking Gecko Theatre Company

2015 – Present    Matt Edgerton

2010 – 2014        John Sheedy

2006 – 2010        Jeremy Rice

1989 – 2006        Grahame Gavin

Acting Out

1987 – 1989       John Saunders



2016 Season

Bambert’s Book of Lost Stories, Sugarland, In a Dark Dark Wood, The Rabbits, Living Lecture: Macbeth

2015 Season

The Rabbits, The Witches, The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk, Storm Boy

2014 Season

onefivezeroseven, Jasper Jones, The Ballad of Pondlife McGurk.

2013 Season

Driving Into Walls, Duck Death and the Tulip, Hamlet, Storm Boy, This Girl Laughs This Girl Cries This Girl Does Nothing.

2012 Season

Driving Into Walls, The Red Tree, This Girl Laughs This Girl Cries This Girl Does Nothing, Improvolicious 2.0.

2011 Season

Hoods, Improvolicious, The Amber Amulet, The Red Tree.

2010 Season

Improvolicious – The Improvised History of Theatre, Castle Rascals, The African Magician, Aesop and His Fables.

2009 Season

Nargun and the Stars, Hoods, Fatty Wombat, Metal and Muscle.

2008 Season

Australia Vs South Africa, Skylab, Run Kitty Run, Improvolicious – The Improved Guide to Amazing Inventions, Gogofish, Castle Rascals, Bear Feat.

2007 Season

The Lost Girl, The Buzz, Run Kitty Run, The Troll and the Bowl, Improvolicious – The Improvised History of Theatre, Castle Rascals.

2006 Season

The Feather Surfers, Trains of Thought, The Troll in the Bowl, Hidden Dragons, The Buzz.

2005 Season

Crabbing At High Tide, Aerosoul, The Buzz, Pri-mates, Hidden Dragons, Tree House.

2004 Season

His Majesty’s New Clothes, Hidden Dragons, The Stones, The Buzz, Crabbing At High Tide, The Littlest Bird.

2003 Season

The Cat Who Ran, The Buzz, Hot Dogs, The Stones, Ghost Train, The Rodeo Kid, Aesop And His Fables.

2002 Season

Sarena’s Song, Alice@Wonderful, The Buzz, Aesop And His Fables, Own Worst Enemy, 1001 Nights, Stories of the Australian Zodiac.

2001 Season

Mice – A Cheesy Little Musical, Own Worst Enemy, 1001 Nights, Stories of the Australian Zodiac.

2000 Season

Starlight Starbright, Frog Opera, Amy Monster, Tiger Tango, The Wizards and Witches of the New Australian Zodiac.

1999 Season

Sandcastle Stories, Wet Dogs, Frog Opera, Turtle Island, Silverfish, Stoke!, Silverfish, Actors At Work, The Wizards and Witches of the New Australian Zodiac.

1998 Season

Frog Opera, Noah’s Flood, Turtle Island, Actors At Work, Danny In Trouble, Wild Geckos, Letters From the Inside.

1997 Season

The Emperor’s New Clothes, Magna Sonic, Wild Geckos, HeadSpace, Two Unreal Stories.

1996 Season

The Deliverance of Dancing Bears, Snugglepot And Cuddlepie, Way Home, Two Unreal Stories, Alice in Wonderland.

First Awesome Festival programmed!

1995 Season

Alice in Wonderland, The Egg, Visiting the Relatives, Dolphin Talk, Ivory Circle, My Space Too, Bullyfruit, Twisted Universe

Yirra Yaakin separated from Barking Gecko Theatre Company to become its own wonderful company!

1994 Season

Visiting the Relatives, Ivory Circle, The Sea Dreams of Isabele Ismay, Puppy Love, Malache – Dispatches from Another World, The Voyage of the Poppykettle, Visiting the Relatives, Talking To Grandma While the World Goes Around, Alice In Wonderland.

First presentation at Perth International Arts Festival.

1993 Season

Selected Moments From the Voyage of Vasco Pyjama, Ivory Circle, Boss of the Pool, Fossils

1992 Season

Visiting the Relatives, Melanie and the Night Animal, The Amazing Adventures of Don Quixote, The Cat Makes Tracks, The Whale

1991 Season

Wicked, Dolphin Talk, The Voyage of Vasco Pyjama, Black Diamonds, Unreal, Telling Tales

1990 Season

Monkey See Monkey Do, Dolphin Talk, Jenny Goes Wild, Talking to Grandma While the World Goes By, Boss of the Pool, Boxed In

1989 Season

Kit and Caboodle, Dolphin Talk, A Sporting Chance, Puppy Love, The Great Geraldton Railways Picnic

1988 Season

Year 9 Are Animals, Susumu’s Story, Junk, Smash Hit, Hating Alison Ashley, Curriculum Alive