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Oh, the places we go!

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With school starting back now, we are taking the opportunity to look back at what our Teaching Artists have been up to during the school holidays!

While our Junior Gecko School Holiday Workshop delved into the world of improvisation, Barking Gecko teamed up with Save the Children for the second time and ventured up to Kununurra for the week.

Teaching Artist’s Georgia King and Mark Storen were blown away with the children from Kununurra. The children in Kununurra were so incredibly kind, creative, engaged and empathetic and an absolute delight to work with . At Barking Gecko we believe you don’t know a town until you meet the children, and Kununurra is a real testament to this, they truly are the heart and soul of the community.

During our time in Kununurra Georgia and Mark presented a 5-day workshops to 24 excited participants at the Save the Children Youth Hub, with every child giving their all every day. They told stories in a variety of ways, and embraced an opportunity to expand and explore their creativity.

After listening, playing, telling stories and collaborating throughout the week the Kununurra Junior Geckos presented a small showing to their parents, grandparents and siblings to showcase the sorts of activities the group had been working on throughout the week. The showing consisted of each group presenting short scenes devised from a word-at-a-time story activity, as well as a series of tableaux workshopped from recorded stories throughout the week and finishing off with an all inclusive game of Elephant 1, 2, 3.

From tiny toddlers to proud grandparents there were beaming faces across the room and a wealth of creativity, passion and enthusiasm in Kununurra.

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