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Specialist Workshops.

Young people need spaces where they
can find their own voice and explore their own creativity.

Barking Gecko Theatre offers a range of specialist workshops to primary and secondary schools and organisations focusing on aspects of drama such as character, voice and text, WACE preparation and Original Solo Performance.

Alternatively, we can tailor workshops specific to your requirements. From refining student’s improvisation skills, to creating nuanced characters, to expanding their understanding of Shakespearean language or participating in a stage combat course… we do it all!

Acting workshops can be held in the comfort of the school environment or off campus at the State Theatre Centre of WA or Subiaco Arts Centre. Please note these venues outside the school premises are subject to availability and an additional cost.


Creative Play
Best suited for K-4, Barking Gecko’s Creative Play workshop will send children’s imagination into overdrive. A Barking Gecko Teaching Artist will work through a range of activities to help curious and fascinating young minds explore and discover their creativity as well as helping express their emotions.

Improvisation is a crucial skill in acting and offers many other educational benefits. Not only is improvising a lot of fun, it also assists teaching verbal and non- verbal communication, active listening, collaboration and being open to others ideas. In this workshop we will play fast-paced improvisation games and, depending on the experience of the group, go into greater detail about being open and expressing ideas through improvisation.

Introduction to Drama
Suitable for all ages, Barking Gecko’s Introduction to Drama workshop will spark student’s curiosity with a taste of our very best drama games, introduction to improvisation or characterisation.

Original Solo Performance
A major part of a secondary drama students final years is the creation of their Original Solo Production. This workshop will assist your students in transforming their ideas into intriguing and structurally clear work.  Whether your students are yet to put pen to paper or are finalising their characterisation we can tailor the workshop specifically for you.

The literary mastermind that has transformed theatre as we know it. This workshop can be tailored to your liking. It may be an introduction to Shakespeare’s breadth of works and language or a specific and comprehensive detailing of the characters, plot, language and language devices on one of Shakespeare’s most significant works.

Movement/ Physical Theatre
Are your students sometimes so focused on the text they forget that their movement and non-verbal communication is just as important in their performance? Movement is such a crucial element in performance and can often be over looked when we are caught up in the text. This workshop is designed to increase student’s awareness of their bodies on stage with a focus on physical presence, gesture, mime and characterising movement. Curated by Barking Gecko’s top Teaching Artists, this workshop will balance out your students focus increasing their awareness of their body in a performance.

Theatre Practitioners
This workshop can greatly benefit upper high school drama students as they begin to enter into the world of some of the most prolific theatre practitioners we have come to know. We will explore the stylistic choices, techniques and approaches of likes of Bertolt Brecht, Konstantin Stanivlaski and Laban.

To discuss or book one of these Specialist Workshops please contact our Education Manager Hannah Smith on [email protected] or 6212 9399.

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