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Living Lecture.


“The best part was being able to be
so close to the performance, and seeing
the expressions on the actors’ faces.”
– Student, Living Lecture 2017

Barking Gecko Theatre’s Artistic Director Matt Edgerton has created this two-hour interactive session, combining compelling staging of key scenes from Macbeth, Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet with detailed analysis of the language, historical context, performance history and big themes in the play.

From Macbeth’s dagger to Juliet’s balcony to Hamlet’s skull, Shakespeare has given us some of the most iconic and enduring images in world theatre. Shakespeare’s Toolkit gives students powerful tools to understand and interpret these moments, tools that will allow them to unlock any play, scene or speech in the canon.

This concentrated two-hour session will combine performances from Perth’s best actors with in-depth, lecture-style analysis covering language, character, theatrical devices, performance history and artistic intention.

The session will have a strong emphasis on interpretation with replays of key scenes and discussions about staging through history.

There will also be a focus on and how the big ideas in these stories connect with the students themselves.

Shakespeare’s Toolkit runs as a two-hour incursion in schools and uses extracts from Romeo And Juliet, Macbeth and Hamlet for its examples, although the lessons are applicable to any of Shakespeare’s plays. The most important aspect of these sessions is the genuine enthusiasm and confidence students gain in their study of Shakespeare.

Please contact [email protected] or call (08) 6212 9399 with any questions.

What to expect.

“Students found it extremely helpful seeing it actually performed and then analysed, as they were
struggling with the language. A terrific learning opportunity for our students.”
Teacher, Living Lecture: Romeo and Juliet



Term 3, 2019

Week 2 & 3

29 July – 9 August


1 Hour 45 Minutes + 15 Minutes Question Time or Specialist Focus


$20 Per Student

(Minimum Booking 120 Students OR $2,400)

Curriculum Links.

“It was a terrific learning opportunity for our students.” – Teacher, 2017 Living Lecture

A unit of learning incorporating Barking Gecko Theatre’s Living Lecture can complement your classroom activities in the following areas:


  • Compare texts in a variety of contexts

English Literature

  • Compare and evaluate the form, language and content of literary texts
  • Create analytical texts
  • Create imaginative texts
  • Evaluate the dynamic relationship between authors, texts, audiences and contexts
  • Evaluate and reflect on the ways in which literary texts can be interpreted


  • Voice and movement
  • Drama processes and the elements of drama
  • Drama forms and styles
  • Drama conventions
  • Values, forces and drama practice

Please contact us via [email protected] or by phone (08) 6212 9399 if you would like more information or have suggestions that could improve the way our work integrates with your classroom practice.

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