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Incursions & Excursions.

“Going in the theatre it made me feel creative like I could one day make my own show”

Millen Primary School student


“It was my first time watching a play. It made me feel nervous at first, but I settled in after a minute of two. I loved it!”

– Guilford Primary School

Our productions offer school excursions at a range of different venues around the Perth metropolitan area such as the Subiaco Arts Centre, Heath Ledger Theatre and Studio Underground in the State Theatre Centre of WA. We also tour regionally and nationally and some of our productions offer incursion productions at schools across Western Australia.

We also offer in-class programs and school incursions to bring the theatre into the classroom. Our vision is to make theatre accessible for all children, and to provide enriching opportunities for them to engage with theatre.

In 2016 we launched a new program called Living Lecture. This in-school incursion focuses on Shakespearean plays and is ideal for high school students to link to their English studies. If you are interested in Living Lecture visit this page for more info or contact us at gecko@barkinggecko.com.au

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