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Living Lecture: Macbeth (NEW).

“[The most enjoyable part was] Being able to be so close to the performance, and seeing the expressions on the actors’ faces.” - Student, 2017 Living Lecture

Barking Gecko Theatre is Western Australia’s locally cherished, nationally significant company that creates and tours world-class theatre for children and families.

Barking Gecko inspires audiences of all ages to embrace a creative life full of curiosity, empathy and play.




Why are we called Barking Gecko Theatre?

This small Australian reptile is a perfect fit for who we are.

Although small, the Barking Gecko has a loud voice. It can run up a wall or over a ceiling and look at things from a totally new perspective.

Barking Geckos or Underwoodisaurus milii are found on rocky outcrops, mostly in southern Australia.

A unit of learning incorporating Barking Gecko’s Living Lecture: Macbeth can complement your classroom activities in the following areas.


  • Voice and movement
  • Drama processes and the elements of drama Drama forms and styles
  • Drama conventions
  • Values, forces and drama practice


  • Compare and evaluate the form, language and content of literary texts
  • Create analytical texts
  • Create imaginative texts
  • Evaluate the dynamic relationship between authors, texts, audiences and contexts
  • Evaluate and reflect on the ways in which literary texts can be interpreted


  • Compare texts in a variety of contexts

Creative Team

Presenter: Matt Edgerton

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