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Isolate > Create > Connect

Barking Gecko Theatre in collaboration with ThinkArts in India has created a new digital initiative Isolate > Create > Connect to highlight the similarities and differences that children are experiencing right now across the globe. This will become a lasting record of how life in isolation during COVID-19 was experienced by young people.

Through a weekly video delivered by teaching artists from BGT and ThinkArts online, children aged 5 to 17 are set a creative task inviting them to create a small artwork capturing their perspective on the world right now. Once their creation is complete and uploaded, a digital scrapbook of children’s creative responses will be created to reflect this unprecedented time in history.

At a time where children don’t have access to the connection we crave, this project is designed to keep children connected to their creativity and encourage them to find expression through whatever tools they have at their disposal in their homes.

Although we have had to press ‘pause’ on our day-to-day life for now, creativity is always at our fingertips!


Task 1: A Day in the Life

Task 2: Museum of Me

Task 3: Upside Down, Inside Out

Task 4: Sounds Like Home

Task 5: Fortress of Solitude

Task 6: Parent Portrait

Task 7: Little Book of Worries 

Task 8: Message In A Bottle 

Task 9: Everything Is Temporary

Task 10: The New World 



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