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Junior Gecko Ensembles are for people aged 8 -12 years

“The Junior Gecko Ensemble is a wonderful program that allows any child to release their inner creative abilities. To see your child glow with joy and confidence after a session is priceless. I highly recommend this program to all kids.”
– Parent of Junior Gecko Ensemble member 2016

The Junior Gecko Ensemble is the perfect place for participants to have fun and lose themselves in the joy of drama, while also refining social, emotional and creative skills. Ensemble members enjoy extending themselves as they learn more about the craft of acting, developing character, playmaking and script interpretation.

Junior Gecko Ensembles are very popular and are available at UWA, the Subiaco Arts Centre, Koorliny Arts Centre in Kwinana, the Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre and the Broome Civic Centre. The Gecko Ensemble program is expanding look out for new venues opening up in the Perth metropolitan and WA regional areas.

Term 3: Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural

Term 3 at Barking Gecko is all about the spirit world. Barking Gecko is developing a play about ghosts, so everything this term is focussed on the spirit world.

Term 3 is a PROCESS term: This means we are focussed on introducing young people to the fundamental elements of acting through a powerful and relevant theme, and not on rehearsing for a performance outcome.

Journey of the term: Over a period of nine sessions, young people in Gecko Ensembles will explore the theme of Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural, in a fun environment where their ideas are valued. This will culminate in a short showing of work in process (not a fully rehearsed performance) to share what they have been working on. By the end of the term participants will have developed their ability to improvise and will have an increased confidence and range in their imaginative, vocal and physical expression.

Term 4: Program Updates Coming Soon – Term 4 is a Performance focused Term 

Term 4 takes children from process to performance. Details of the course content will be made available when enrolments open.


Looking for what we got up to in Terms One and Two? We cleaned this page up a bit but you can still read about the content of those terms here.

Term programs are correct at the time of publication but may change during the year in response to changing circumstances or to better meet the needs of children enrolled in an Ensemble group. More details about individual Term programs will be made available when enrolments open for that term.

You can find a Junior Gecko Ensemble at the following venues.

Gecko Ensembles run every week of the school term, starting from week one of each term. Each term concludes with a showing for parents and friends at the last session of the term.

The University of Western Australia

Dates – Term Three Saturday 22 July  – 16 September
Times 9 – 10.30am
Venue UWA, Meet at Jackson Court adjacent to the Dolphin and Octagon Theatres before each class
Cost $290 or $266.80 with early bird special*

Dates – Term Three Saturday 22 July  – 16 September
Times 11 – 12.30pm
Venue UWA, Meet at Jackson Court adjacent to the Dolphin and Octagon Theatres before each class
Cost $290 or $266.80 with early bird special*

Koorliny Arts Centre – Kwinana

Dates – Term Two Saturday 22 July  – 16 September
Times 10:30am – 12.00pm
Venue Koorliny Arts Centre, 10 Hutchins Way, Kwinana
Cost $200 or $165.60 with early bird special*

Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre

Dates – Term Three Saturday 22 July  – 16 September
Times 11am – 12.30pm
Venue Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre,48 Canning Rd, Kalamunda
Cost $290 or $266.80 with early bird special*

Subiaco Arts Centre

Dates – Term Three – Wednesday 19 July – 13 September
Times 4.00 – 5.30pm
Venue Subiaco Arts Centre, 180 Hamersley Rd, Subiaco
Cost $290 or $266.80 with early bird special*

Broome in association with Broome Civic Theatre

Dates – Term Three Saturday 22 July  – 16 September
Times 9 – 10.30am
Venue Broome Civic Centre, 27 Weld St, Broome
Cost $200 or $184 with early bird special*

Toodyay in association with Toodyay Theatre Group

Dates -Term Three Tuesday 18 July – 12 September, 2017
Times Tuesday, 4.00-5.30pm
Venue Toodyay Memorial Hall
Costs $200 or $184 with early bird special*

*Early bird discount available until 8 July 2017.

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