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About Gecko Ensembles

Young people need spaces where they can find their own voice and explore their own creativity.

At Barking Gecko we provide these spaces through our Ensemble program.

Weekly sessions take place in a joyful, safe and supportive environment where young people are encouraged to take creative risks and explore the full extent of their expressive potential.

Content is age-appropriate and helps to develop self-expression, self-confidence, literacy, empathy and performance skills. Performance outcomes at the end of each term give parents and friends an insight into the fabulous work our Gecko Ensembles have been exploring.

Ensembles are taught by the finest teaching artists in Western Australia, industry professionals who are passionate about working with young people.

All Gecko Ensemble content and teaching artist training is underpinned by the expertise of our Honorary Scholar, Professor Robyn Ewing AM, a world leader in Arts Education. We are thrilled to have Robyn’s insight and passion feeding into the Gecko Ensembles.Got questions about Ensembles? Please send us an email, we’re here to help.

Three Steps to Enrol in a Gecko Ensemble

Step one: Choose your age group

Gecko Ensembles are available in three age groups. Simply pick the right group for your child’s age.

Little Gecko Ensembles – for ages 5 – 7
Junior Gecko Ensembles – for ages 8 – 12
Senior Gecko Ensembles – for ages 13 – 17

Step Two: Choose your venue

Once you’ve found the right age group for your child read through the term by term program outlines and make sure to look at the “Locations, Term Dates and Prices.” That’s where you’ll find all the venues and session times we have available. Find the venue and session time that suits you best.

Step Three: Complete the enrolment form.

The last tab on each Gecko Ensembles page is where you’ll find the enrolment form. You can enrol up to three people using the same form.  The process is quite straight forward and the form will guide you through starting with the people you want to enrol then selecting the Gecko Ensemble you want to join and the last part is the payment section. When you’ve successfully enrolled you’ll see an on screen confirmation that we’ve received your enrolment, an email form us with tips and reminders and a receipt from Stripe, our secure payment partners.


Gecko Ensembles FAQ

Q: When do Enrolments open?

A: Enrolments open online 6 weeks prior to the first class of the term. All ensembles are aligned to the WA school calendar which means the first week of the school term is also the first week for ensembles

Q: What’s the early bird enrolment period?

A: The early bird period opens when enrolments open each term and closes two weeks before the week of first class. Our most popular Gecko Ensembles fill early and we really don’t want people to be disappointed by a discovering their favourite class is already full. Book early and save!

Q: When do enrolments close?

A: We hold enrolments open until after the second class of each term, where an Ensemble group is not full. Gecko Ensembles build week by week throughout the term, starting later than the third class puts the student a little too far behind to catch up.

Q: What if something goes wrong or I can’t use the online enrolment form?

A: If in doubt give us a call on (08) 6212 9399 during business hours and we’ll help you through the process.

Q: Can I enrol my child for just one term?

A: Yes. Term programs are discrete. You can do as many or as few terms each year as you like. Gecko Ensembles are also great places for your children to make friends and sometimes that means they’ll want to every term. Some children have other commitments such as sport and so choose to do drama with us for some terms but not every term of the year.

Q: Can I do a trial class?

A: No. Ensembles are a term long process that culminates in a showing at the end of term. Trial classes and drop ins throughout the term are not conducive to the workflow of the groups as they learn. However if a child is enrolled in a Gecko Ensemble and finds that they do not wish to continue after a week or two then we will refund the rest of the term fee less the weeks attended.

Q: What about Class sizes?

A: We aim to cap all Gecko Ensembles at 20 participants. We believe this strikes the right balance between having a full, bustling and exciting group with the needs of participants to receive the one-on-one coaching they may need. We also have a minimum class size of 8 participants and reserve the right to cancel any Ensemble groups that fail to reach this threshold. Should an Ensemble be cancelled parents who have children enrolled will receive a refund should they not be able to move to a different group.

Q: Where are the Gecko Ensembles held?

A: The Gecko Ensembles program is growing from just one venue only three years ago we now have five different locations including our first regional Gecko Ensemble.

Below is a list of our current venues. Click on a name to see it’s location on a map

Perth Metropolitan
Subiaco Arts Centre
University of Western Australia
Koorliny Arts Centre, Kwinana
Kalamunda Performing Arts Centre

Regional WA
Broome Civic Centre 

Q: What if I can’t find the Ensemble I want in my area?

A: For a variety of reasons it may not be possible for every venue to have all three Gecko Ensembles age groups every term. The program is expanding and we expect to add more metropolitan and regional venues during 2017. If you’d like to suggest a location for a Gecko Ensemble please send us an email.

Q: What about cancellations and refunds?

A: If a person enrols in a Gecko Ensemble and after not more than two classes for whatever reason decides that it is not for them then we may refund the remainder of the term’s enrolment fee, less an administrative fee.

Q: What is an end of term showing and how is it different from a performance?

A: A showing is a presentation without all the bells and whistles. A showing is an excellent way to view work in progress and to show what we’ve learned. Many people enrolled in Gecko Ensembles are experiencing performance for the very first time and a showing can ease people into the, sometimes intimidating, feeling of being present with an audience. A showing also allows each group to find express it’s own version of  what it’s learned rather than being corralled into giving a particular rendition of something.

Q: Who are the Barking Gecko Teaching Artists?

A: All of Barking Gecko Theatre Company’s Teaching Artists are experienced performers and drama educators. Each one is hand picked by us because they have the right technical, educational and interpersonal skills to make the most of you child’s experience.

Have we missed something? If you’ve got questions about Gecko Ensembles please send us an email  or call (08) 6212 9399 during business hours.