image by Jon Green

ONEFIVEZEROSEVEN opens wide the bedroom doors of Australian teenagers, allowing us into their inner sanctum. A very real look at everything they have, and everything they hope for.

The crafting of raw content sourced directly from interviews with hundreds of Australian teenagers has culminated in a thrilling, brave and emotionally charged piece of theatre that’s sure to ignite conversations and challenge perceptions.


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Creative Team

Writer Suzie Miller
Director &  Designer John Sheedy
Choreographer Danielle Micich
Costume Designer Alicia Clements
Lighting Designer Matthew Marshall
Sound Designer Kingsley Reeve
Directing Secondment Eva Mulally as part of Yirra Yaakin’s Next Steps Program
Cultural Consultant Kylie J Morrison


Mohammed-Abdel Berrached
Rikki Bremmer
Toby Derrick
Harrison Elliott
Yilin Kong
Jacinta Larcombe