Photo by: Matt Biocich

After a highly successful launch in 2016 the Living Lecture program returns in 2017 with Living Lecture: Romeo And Juliet. This two hour interactive session has been created by our Artistic Director Matt Edgerton. It combines compelling staging of key scenes from the play with detailed analysis of the language, historical context, performance history and big themes in the play.

A facilitator and a team of actors take students through the essential passages of the play, staging scenes with a combination of great respect for the text and an entertaining and inventive performance style. With a central focus on interpretive choices, the actors and facilitator will discuss characters, language forms, theatrical challenges and the specific demands of Shakespeare on the performer.

Living Lectures are dense, fast-paced and fun and will leave you and your students with a wealth of information and inspiration to unpack in the following weeks. Students experience a rich learning environment and an inspiring introduction to Shakespeare’s language and themes. In 2017 the Living Lecture will be available as an incursion.

Starting from 1 May schools will have the flexibility to schedule the Living Lecture: Romeo and Juliet on a day and time that best integrates with their busy school calendars.

Creative Team

Facilitator Matt Edgerton



Amy Mathews
Will O’Mahony
Ben Mortley 
Taryn Ryan