Image by Jon Green

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s most performed play. It is estimated that every minute of the day, it is being staged somewhere around the world. This year, Barking Gecko Theatre Company introduce its first production in their Shakespeare Series as part of a collaboration with the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Director John Sheedy, working with the next breed of emerging talent from WAAPA, will offer a fresh, contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s most famous protagonist.

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Creative Team

By William Shakespeare
Director John Sheedy
Set / Costume Designer Patrick James Howe
Lighting Designer Tegan Evans
Sound Designer
James Luscombe
Fight Director Andy Fraser
Production Manager (Barking Gecko) Genevieve Jones
Production Manager (WAAPA) Eva Tilley
Stage Manager Michelle Karas
Deputy Stage Manager Emma Barbaro
Assistant Stage Manager Erin Martin
Assistant Stage Manager Charlotte Newton
Assistant Stage Manager Sean Hartley
Assistant Stage Manager Marc Sinclair
Lighting Mentor Trent Suidgeest
Head Electrician Kale Tatam
Board Operator Devon Lovelady
Lighting Crew Adam Trewenack / Meg Cousins
Sound Operator Thomas Moore
Sound Technician James Langlands
Sound Crew Jenna Rahim
Workshop Supervisor Peter Carr
Workshop Assistant Francis Raven
Head Mechanist Ben Gates
Mechanist Michelle Betts
Mechanist Maria Carbone
Props Maker Supervisor Evangeline Labrador
Head Props Maker Jordan Lorite
Wardrobe Supervisor Julia Davis
Dressing Supervisor Tricia David
Costume Crew Alana Gibbings
Costume Crew Louise Inman
Costume Crew Robyn Constable
Costume Crew Jessica Hodgkinson
Costume Crew Bryanna Price
Costume Crew Molly Werner
Design Assistant – Costume Madeleine Watt
Design Assistant – Set Ashleigh Hodges


Hamlet James Sweeny
Ophelia Rose Riley
Gertrude Madeleine Vizard
Claudius Michael Abercromby
Polonius Grace Smibert
Rosencrantz Felix Johnson
Guildenstern Ayeesha Ash
Laertes Samuel Delich
Horatio Nicholas Starte
Ghost of Hamlet / Clown Andreas Lohmeyer
Gentlewoman / Osric / Messenger Emilie Cocquerel
Grave Digger / Reynaldo Bill Thompson
Barnado / Clown Oscar Harris
Marcellus / Player / Priest Cecelia Peters
The Players Justina Ward, Shaynee Brayshaw and Charlotte Devenport