Our Mission

Image by Jon Green


Inspiring audiences of all ages to embrace a creative life full of curiosity, empathy and play.



To be a locally cherished nationally significant theatre company that creates transformational theatre for audiences of all ages.


Excellence: Pushes theatrical convention, connect with a range of respected artists across disciplines and partner with all levels of the theatre industry.

Access: Ensures that artists and audiences from a diverse range of locations, circumstances and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds engage meaningfully across all areas of the Company.

Innovation: Embraces opportunities created by new technology when making theatre, running our Creative Learning programs and when increasing access to productions.

Sustainability: Barking Gecko’s operations are underpinned by a strong business model to ensure its financial future; we seek to be conscious of our environmental impact and minimise that impact where possible; and aim to encourage the sustainable practices of those we interact with over the long term.

Why are we called Barking Gecko Theatre Company?

This small Australian reptile is a perfect fit for who we are.

Although small, the Barking Gecko has a loud voice. It can run up a wall or over a ceiling and look at things form a totally new perspective.

Barking Geckos or Underwoodisaurus milii are found on rocky outcrops, mostly in southern Australia.