Thursday, June 1 2017

2017 Junior Gecko Ensembles – Themes archive

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Original Photo: Matt Biocich

This is an archive of what we covered in previous terms in 2017 in the Junior Gecko Ensembles. Term Four topics and content are now online here.

Term 1:  The Tourist

I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.
-Douglas Adams

A big part of growing up is discovering that every place and person is unique. In honour of UNESCO’s international year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, term one will see Junior Gecko Ensembles becoming imaginative tourists, exploring our beautiful and surprising world. Junior geckos will play with big, exciting questions about who they are and how they can share our extraordinary planet. The term will be based around Constance Orbeck-Nilssen’s acclaimed book Why Am I Here?

Term one will be all about building skills that Junior Geckos need in order to perform with confidence and relish. Young people will develop improvisation skills by learning to listen and respond in the moment. Vocal exercises will develop their breath support and confidence in speaking. Physical exercises will develop the range of characters they can embody. A fun and dynamic acting boot camp.

Term 1 is a process term. This means classes are focused on introducing young people to the fundamental elements of performance through a powerful and relevant theme, and not on rehearsing for a performance outcome.

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Term 2:  A Focus on Performance – A Focus on Shakespeare

This term Barking Gecko Ensembles are all about Shakespeare!

The Junior Geckos will be building their own unique performance out of Shakespeare’s unforgettable language, amazing characters and ripping yarns. Vocal and physical gymnastics are the order of the day, as our Junior Geckos get their mouths around Shakespeare’s language and transform their bodies to create bold and exciting characters!

This is a performance-focussed term, so the term’s work will culminate in a short showing to family and friends.

Term 3: Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural

Term 3 at Barking Gecko is all about the spirit world. Barking Gecko is developing a play about ghosts, so everything this term is focussed on the spirit world.

Term 3 is a PROCESS term: This means we are focussed on introducing young people to the fundamental elements of acting through a powerful and relevant theme, and not on rehearsing for a performance outcome.

Journey of the term: Over a period of nine sessions, young people in Gecko Ensembles will explore the theme of Ghosts, Spirits and the Supernatural, in a fun environment where their ideas are valued. This will culminate in a short showing of work in process (not a fully rehearsed performance) to share what they have been working on. By the end of the term participants will have developed their ability to improvise and will have an increased confidence and range in their imaginative, vocal and physical expression.