Wednesday, November 4 2015

Parachute by Danny Parker and Matt Ottley

Ed-Blog, Story Inc.
Image by Renee Stansall

Easy peasy plastic parachutes!

Everyone knows how beautiful parachutes look as they majestically float through the air and gracefully fall to the ground. What they don’t know is how easy it is to make your own…

We made these super fun parachutes at Story Inc on 4 November, 2015 after reading the beautifully illustrated book Parachute. This gorgeous story talks about relying on a safety net and gradually growing the confidence to be able to free yourself.

Story Inc presents two interactive 30 minute workshops in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre food court on Wednesday mornings which offer parents and children a variety of story reading, movement, craft and music activities. These activities are carefully selected to inspire young minds, foster an early love of reading and develop listening, concentration and early literacy skills.

What you will need:

Plastic bag
8 pieces of wool or light string cut to the same length
Very light, small toy (such as a Lego man)


Step 1:
Cut the plastic bag in half so it appears as if you have 2 plastic bags.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 2:
Cut a small amount off the edges to make a large square.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 3:
Cut on a diagonal each corner so you end up with an octagon.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 4:
Using a pen poke a small hole in every corner (8 corners).
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 5:
Poke one piece of wool into each hole and tie a double knot close to the end of the wool.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 6:
Using the pen, poke a small hole into the very centre of the plastic bag. This allows the parachute to float relatively straight to the ground.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 7:
Grab the ends of the wool and tie in a loop, leaving enough room to slide a small toy into.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 8:
Slide your small, light toy into the loop. The lightest thing I had on hand was a sharpener!
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 9:
Release your parachute from a high level and watch it float to the ground! Race against your friends. An action shot was extremely difficult to capture, but believe me…they work!