Friday, October 23 2015


Ed-Blog, Story Inc.
Image by Renee Stansall


Have you thought about your Christmas decorations yet? No, neither have I…until now!

Here’s what we made at Story Inc on 21 October, 2015 after reading The Things I Love About Grandparents. This sweet book reminded us of the special relationship we can be lucky enough to share with our grandparents.

Story Inc presents two interactive 30 minute workshops in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre food court on Wednesday mornings which offer parents and children a variety of story reading, movement, craft and music activities. These activities are carefully selected to inspire young minds, foster an early love of reading and develop listening, concentration and early literacy skills.

What you will need:

Brightly coloured wool


Step 1:
Take your cardboard and cut out a circle or any equal sided shape (such as an octagon). Make sure you trace the shape before you cut.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 2:
Cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch slits into the cardboard, at an equal distance apart, all around the outside of the shape.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 3:
Take the wool and slide it into the first slit. Be sure to leave enough of a tail on one side (this is used to hang your ornament).
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 4:
Make your way around the shape, tucking the wool into each slit several times until you have the style you want. Be sure to leave enough wool to tie to the other tail and create a loop.
Image by Renee Stansall

*The gorgeous feature image on this post shows 2 of our regulars at Story Inc. Look at that blissful face, so excited to be with her Yiayia (the Greek work for Grandmother).