Wednesday, October 14 2015


Ed-Blog, Story Inc.
Image by Renee Stansall

Fancy, flashy, fishy…

There’s nothing fishy about this awesome reflective Nemo! It helps you get rid of that Kenny G CD you’ve been meaning to throw out since 2002 and doubles as a gorgeous light reflector in the garden (which is pretty AND helps keep the birds off your fruit trees).

Seagull sends an inspiring message about caring for our wildlife and our environment. For the first week back at Story Inc on 14 October 2015, we read this gorgeous book and made these awesome CD fish.

Story Inc presents two interactive 30 minute workshops in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre food court on Wednesday mornings which offer parents and children a variety of story reading, movement, craft and music activities. These activities are carefully selected to inspire young minds, foster an early love of reading and develop listening, concentration and early literacy skills.

What you will need:

An old CD
Coloured paper
Acrylic glue


Step 1:
Start by tracing 2 fins and a tail on your coloured card. I made one fin bigger than the other for top and bottom fins.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 2:
Cut out the fins and tail.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 3:
Stick the bottom fin on the reflective side of the CD, the top fin on the opposite side and the tail on the end.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 4:
Stick the rhinestones on to the reflective side of the CD (I found a love heart one to use as lips and also an oval one shaped like an eye).
Image by Renee Stansall

Hang this somewhere where it will catch the light. Those beautiful rainbow reflections bring everyone joy!