Monday, October 5 2015

Holiday Creativity

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Crazy Commercials Think Tank

“My daughter came home excited, with many stories to tell and a great sense of confidence. Clearly she was made to feel that her ideas mattered. She had a lot of fun meeting all new kids and getting to know them quite well in a short amount of time.”

These school holidays we welcomed many new students to our No Kitchen Rules & Crazy Commercials workshops.

Over two days participants aged 7-10 years cooked up some monstrous recipes under the guidance of our awesome new teaching artist Georgia King. Our budding masterchefs kicked their imagination into overdrive as they whipped, blended and baked some sturdy story stock (where creativity meant more than taste) added generous spoonfuls of heroics and villainous spices, teaching us never to let bad guys into the kitchen!

No Kitchen Rules in action

No Kitchen Rules in action

I was lucky enough to work with an amazing group of 11 -13 year olds in our Gecko Ad Lab, where we actively explored how to harness powers of persuasion, design, branding and writing copy (and performing to camera) short TV commercials for their one of a kind products which included:

Wishes hand sanitiser (warning: apply carefully and be careful of what you wish for!)

Puke in a bottle (the perfect way to get out of school and exams) and Air Puffs (a tasty formula to prevent you getting caught eating in class ever again!) plus many more imaginative formulas.

We thank parents and participants for playing with us, judging by the applause and laughter we are pleased you all enjoyed the live performances and film screenings at the completion of the workshops.

The Dream Team Production Planning

The Dream Team Production Planning

We hope to see you (and new faces) in our next school holiday workshops in January 2016.

But if you are curious and just can’t wait till then we’d love to see you at our  Term 4 Ensemble Workshops or our EXCITING SLEEPOVER EVENT, onstage at the Heath Ledger Theatre, State Theatre WA