Wednesday, October 28 2015

Emu’s Halloween by Anne Mangan

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Image composed by BGTC and

Spooky, sneaky spiders

If you are starting to fret that you don’t have any Halloween decorations up, look no further! We can add some simple scare to your front porch…

This is what we made at Story Inc on 28 October, 2015 after reading Emu’s Halloween. This fun book touches on what Halloween might look like for the Aussies, or the Aussie animals at least…

Story Inc presents two interactive 30 minute workshops in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre food court on Wednesday mornings which offer parents and children a variety of story reading, movement, craft and music activities. These activities are carefully selected to inspire young minds, foster an early love of reading and develop listening, concentration and early literacy skills.

What you will need:

Small styrofoam ball
Black wool
4 black pipe cleaners, cut in half


Step 1:
Grab the styrofoam ball and start to wrap the wool around, making sure to overlap so the wool doesn’t slide off the ball!
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 2:
Once the ball has been completely covered in wool (so you can’t see any styrofoam) tuck the end in and under the wool.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 3:
Stick 4 pipe cleaners into the styrofoam ball on either side to make 8 legs.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 4:
Bend the pipe cleaners on an angle to make the legs stick up.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 5:
Scare someone! Happy Halloween…
Image by Renee Stansall