Wednesday, September 9 2015


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Image by Christie Sistrunk


Throw on your regal frock, slip on your colourful crown and invite the village to your palace. You’re hosting a ball!

This is what we made at Story Inc on 9 September, 2015 after reading Thelma the Unicorn, a beautiful book about being yourself.

Story Inc presents two interactive 30 minute workshops in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre food court on Wednesday mornings which offer parents and children a variety of story reading, movement, craft and music activities. These activities are carefully selected to inspire young minds, foster an early love of reading and develop listening, concentration and early literacy skills.

What you will need:

Paper plate
Crayons / textas / pencils
Decorations (i.e. stickers / pom poms)


Step 1:
Fold the paper plate in half.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 2:
Draw 3 lines from the centre of the plate to the outside border.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 3:
Cut along the lines you have drawn as well as the 2 folded sections.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 4:
Draw a design on the crown and add whatever decorations you would like to see. I added a bright yellow star sticker to the front of mine.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 5:
Fold out the pointed parts of the crown to make sure they are standing up.
Image by Renee Stansall

Step 6:
Wear you crown proudly and be a fair and just ruler!
Image by Christie Sistrunk